Quality natural Products For A Blissful Life

Our Vision

To build a reputable  natural health care company  that provides solutions to the sick with organic natural products and Modern diagnostic and treatment devices at an affordable cost
 Our Mission
 To give succour to the sick by providing health solutions that cut across herbal and orthodox medical procedures. To use natural remedies and medical devices to provide treatment for health condition that has defiled hospital solution

Our History

In the society we live in today there has been growing need to use natural remedies and medical devices in the treatment of some chronic illnesses. Blissful life company is a specialty health care company that delivers innovative solutions to health problems. We specialize in solving health problems with herbs and natural supplements as well as therapy devices, well researched on and manufactured by reputable companies both in Nigeria and other countries. We deliver these quality health care services by first carrying out diagnostic procedures to reveal the true heath condition of the patient. We deliver these quality health care services through our herbal clinic, herbal Pharmacy, seminars and publications.
Before the birth of blissful life natural products , the CEO of blissful life , Dr Clara okoroji  oyibo  started business by distributing pax herbal  products produced by paxherbal clinic and research laboratories in Edo state of  Nigeria .
She joined paxherbal  when it was still a miniature company in 2002. .
Being a guru in marketing, she designed the marketing plan   which paxherbal still uses till date.
This earned her the opportunity to become the sole distributor in Lagos  and national coordinator  of paxherbals  
She took paxherbals to all nooks and crannies  of Nigeria and her input was enamous to the growth  of paxherbal  company .
The challenges she faced while distributing paxherbal products inspired her    to begin to plan to provide  people  with good natural and organic products  hence the birth of blissful life natural products .
The research and development of blissful life natural products   actually started in 2009 .
We were  out to  provide natural  solution to most  challenging health conditions .
Blissful life natural product company officially started operations in 2016
Between 2009 and 2016 , we were busy researching on the best  natural and organic products that can take care of  most complicated health conditions .Gradually we were test runing most of these products and taking  note of their efficacies , until we were able to come up with some  very exciting , efficacious and problem solving natural products .
We opened our first herbal pharmacy in ikeja   in 2016 .
People trooped in with their health conditions  and with combination of blissful life products and paxherbal products , we were able to bring solution to their various health conditions .
Our research and development is still ongoing and we are still  connecting and stocking the best natural products all over the world
With the help of our company , Nigerians have available to get  most of the herbs and natural products they read about in the internet .
As more information about our good works spread all over the nation  and beyond , patients trooped in for consultations and treatments . To ensure that have proper diagnosis before treatment ,We were prompted to set up some diagnostic procedures with some health analysers .
This again necessitated the need to have blissful life herbal clinic 
We  check the health status of our patients with our various health analysers and we carry out detoxification procedures and treat with our herbs and the results has been enomous  .
As the sky is still our beginning , we connect with other doctors  and homeopathic treatments all over the world  and incorporate in our treatment protocols the latest natural treatments available in the western world .
We are happy to announce to you that blissful life herbal clinic  Ltd  now has an ozone therapy clinic 
Ozone is an allopathic form of oxygen  which cures even the most incurable sickness .
Our herbs are organic and natural . We source our herbs from very genuine   companies  world wide .
In other be  assured that all we offer is  organic and natural , our company took another bold step  to set up  our  organic farm on two hecters of land in Lagos ..
Here we plant most of the herbs we use . We get the seedlings  of foreign herbs  that can grow in our climate  and grow them in our farm.
This further ensures we offer our clients 100% organic products .
Blissful life natural products and blissful life herbal clinic Ltd  is your no1 choice in natural product industry .
The sky is just our begining as we are out to give the world organic and natural products a well as offering natural solutions to any form of health condition in order to help everyone live a blissful life .

Our Activities


We sell and distribute various companies products as well as own own branded products . We have over 200distributors  in Nigeria buying and selling all the brands we carry .


Our herbal clinic is aimed at providing succour for the sick by providing health solutions that cut across herbal and orthodox medical procedures. We use natural remedies and medical devices to provide treatment for health conditions that have defiled hospital solution
We deliver this quality health care by first carrying out diagnostic procedure to reveal the health condition of the patient. When proper diagnosis has been carried out natural solution will be administered
We search around the world to get the best diagnostic device that can in few minutes give the true condition of the health of the patient with up-to 98percent accuracy. This in turn led blissful Life company into the importation of diagnostic and treatment devices. Today blissful life is known across Nigeria as a major importer of diagnostic machines, Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer , 3d nls, 8d nls, Electronic Pulse massager ,cervical cancer home test kit, breast limb detector detoxifying machines, prostrate care device, blood pressure monitor, blood sugar monitor , H pylori home test kits and many other diagnostic and treatment devices.
We receive patients with various health conditions, we diagnose and also out source some diagnoses to get the true  position of a patient’s health condition . 
We carry out a detoxification procedure on our patients .
We prescribe herbal products and recommend meal plan and life styles .
The latest we have added to our clinic procedures is ozone therapy .
With ozone therapy we are able to bring solution to almost all health problems . .
We follow up our patients until they are fully recovered from  their health conditions


We have herbal shops in various places where we sell hour herbal and natural products . We have  trained personnel handling each of these shops .
They sell herbal and natural products to interested people , Listen to individuals with health complaints  and recommend treatment protocols for them .
People who needs to use our  our diagnostic and treatment procedures  are refered to our head office  or other branches where the equipment are available .


We organize health talks in various churches and  gatherings .
We enlighten people on the best ways  to live healthy  and ensure a blissful life we usually go out with our diagnostic and  treatment equipment that we can move around . This enables us to bring good health closer to the people.


With the riding incidence of breast cancer , we help the society by  engaging in a breast health awareness programs. We do breast check for women and advice them to take herbal supplements for breast health like our prunella tea and breast care tea .


It is usually said that ”   The road to  health is paved with good intestines. Almost all our  concerns can be traced back to our belly . We creat awareness on intestinal health  by enlightening people about certain  certain intestinal parasites that create problems in the body .  parasites like H pyloric bacteria  has been confirmed to cause ulcers , live in ulcer wounds  and have been known to be responsible for stomach cancers.


We educate people on how to balance their blood pH .
We  provide people with pH testers to  check the pH of the water they drink . “You are what you drink ” The blood is 75% water , the best way to alkalize  the  blood is through the water you drink . We promote pH balance by selling pH testers , Alkaline water pots, flasks and pitchers . We also encourage people to go on our various green foods like  spirulina powder wheatgrass powder, Berley grass  powder , alfalfa powder and many others .
The pH tester can also be used to test the pH of the blood using urine and saliva.

Where You Can Find Our Products

You can find out products in our herbal pharmacy shops and in others pharmacies.
Alpha pharmacy in particular stock our products in their branches .

Our Services

Body Analysis

We carry out a comprehensive body check on our patients using medical methods that cut across both herbal and Orthodox  medical procedures.
We use herbal medicine to alleviate any medical condition diagnosed.


The latest detoxification program we have is colon hydrotherapy .
Colon hydrotherapy is a process whereby  the colon is  detoxified by means of purified water.
During the procedure, the water that is used to irrigate the colon, basically, hydrates its walls. As a result, any old impacted fecal matter, mucus and other substances are loosened and washed out. Thus the production of toxins is inhibited and any existing ones are eliminated. Long term practitioners of Colon Hydrotherapy have observed that it improves the function of the muscles in the colon, leading to more effective peristalsis. This is called Colon muscle retraining. Thus it is especially beneficial to those who suffer from a sluggish intestine. Besides an improvement in the intestinal muscle function, it is believed that a colon cleanse improves the capacity of the intestines to absorb nutrients. As a result, a lot of people experience an increase in energy levels and feeling of well-being. It is also hypothesized that the the immunity level may improve, as the gastrointestinal tract plays an important role in the production of immune cells.


This  involves using an ionic detox machine to remove toxins from the system . Using this method the patient soaks his or her legs in a bowl of  water connected to the detoxifying machine.
A pinch of sea salt is added to the water to ionise the water  and uses the principle of osmoses, toxins move from different parts of the body through the acupoints  on the feet into the water .
The color if the toxins releases into the water determines the part of the body where the toxin has been released from .


Blissfullife is carrying out a breast health awareness campaign. With the incidence of breast cancer which has become so rampant and claiming lives in a regular bases,  we deemed it fit to create more awareness about breast cancer by carrying out a breast check. We sell a personal breast lump detector and we also use a commercial machine for who ever that cares for a fee.



We use blood circulator machine to carry out massaging for our patients

Our Team

Clara Oyibo
Mrs. Clara Oyibo is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Blissful Life. She has over two decades experience in Herbal treatment
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